Northern Tutchone Fish Camp by Lizzie Hall from Pelly Crossing

Print Story Books

Yukon Native language classrooms now have available colour booklets in the local dialect. The Print Story Books are colour printed booklets based on the multimedia Audio Story Books. The text and images of the print and computer versions correspond exactly and may be used singly or in tandem. As with the Audio Story Books, the picture pages with Native Language text are followed by translation pages with both Native Language and English. There is a page with the author's photograph and biography.

Making a Print Story Book

In the publishing industry, when print and multimedia versions of the same title appear, usually the multimedia version is based on the print version. A pre-existing book is computerized. But with the YNLC Audio Story Books and Print Story Books, the reverse process is used. First the computer version is developed (see Making an Audio Story Book), then a printed version is made.

Tlingit At Home by Lucy Wren from Carcross

With native language work it can be a challenging task to write the language correctly. The writing systems used for Yukon Native Languages have all been developed relatively recently. There is very little literature in these writing systems. There are no standard, literary languages similar to standard French or English. Dictionary work is in the beginning stages. Because of these things, all writing is based on oral language.

What is spoken is written. Another consequence is that materials will reflect an individual's dialect. For instance, some Southern Tutchone will correctly write tthe for 'rock', while others will correctly write the.

By first recording and assembling an Audio Story Book, it becomes much easier to check spellings. The linguists can consult the sound files at their convenience. After the multimedia product has the correct spellings, the text and images for the booklet are assembled with page-layout software at YNLC. The files for the Print Story Books are then sent to a company for colour laser printing.

The YNLC Publications Catalog lists more than 60 Print Story Books in four series, Drying Fish, At Home, Moose Hunt, and Camping. Booklets are either 5.5"x8.5" or 8.5"x5.5". They cost $8.00 each.

Hän Moose Hunt by Edward Roberts from Moosehide (Dawson City). Kaska Camping by Doris Bob from Ross River