Catherine Germaine — Ihkún Zhắt - In My House

Northern Tutchone Story Book

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Catherine GermaineCatherine Germaine is a native of the Mayo area, and she is a fluent speaker of the Northern Tutchone language.

Catherine spent a part of her youth in the area of Rackla River, Beaver River, and Lansing Creek. She learned traditional skills from her mother and grandparents, and she continues to tan skins and do craftwork of various kinds. In summer she maintains a fish camp on the Stewart River.

Catherine is a pioneer in the development of the instructional program at the J. V. Clark School in Mayo, where she served for many years before retiring in 1999. She has completed the Native Language Instructor Certificate and Diploma programs at Yukon College. Catherine has developed a number of literacy booklets for the Northern Tutchone language.

Online Publications with YNLC

  • Ihkún Zhắt. In My House. Recorded 1999. Disc version 1999. Posted 2005. Online story book from the At Home series, with audio.
  • Ǭ'et'ina Łậdézhe. Ǭ'et'ina Goes Hunting. Recorded 1996. Disc version 1996. Posted 2006. Online story book from the Moose Hunt series, with audio.