Yukon First Nations Language Proficiency Programs -
Registration Now Open for Winter 2022

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The Yukon Native Language Centre: Council of Yukon First Nations, in partnership with the Simon Fraser University offers a language proficiency certificate program. This program can be taken for credits or students can just attend and participate. The program can be taken full-time (three courses per term) or on a part-time basis. All courses are offered at the Yukon Native Native Language Centre in Yukon College, however should a First Nation government want the courses delivered at the community level, a partnership arrangement can be developed with the Yukon Native Language Centre.

The objective of Yukon First Nations Language Proficiency Program is to contribute to the revival, revitalization and maintenance of Yukon First Nation languages and to directly support students to become fluent speakers with the ability to pass the language on to future generations. The objectives for Year 1 of the program are:

  • Increase proficiency and fluency from complete beginner to intermediate levels in one’s language
  • Promote and support a deeper understanding of, and connection to, one’s culture and heritage through the language.
  • Provide participants with an opportunity to begin or continue post-secondary education and receive an accredited certificate.

*Note: An Indigenous Language Teaching Certificate is under development that will require First Nation Language Proficiency as a foundation.

Certificate & Diploma in Indigenous Language Proficiency – Athabaskan and Łingít – Yukon